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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Guided by the mysterious sounds and music of traditional world cultures, students close their eyes and embark on “dream journeys” where they experience visions of nature, animals, and a rich array of imaginative stories.  When they share their “dreams” with each other, they are amazed to see how similar they are.  Together, we learn that “although we may look and act differently on the outside, inside we all feel and dream in the same ways.  Throughout history, and all around the world, people are much more alike than they are different.”

Dozens of authentic world instruments are used to create a fun and educational experience.  Together, the students sing a traditional Native American chant, and learn how make the wild animal sounds of the Australian Outback! Follow-up acitivies include discussing, drawing and writing about the “dream journeys”, as well as building some of the instruments.  

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