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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Programs, workshops and residencies can be integrated with specific curriculum:

Art –       Students are encouraged to draw pictures of their “dream journeys”. Designs and techniques used to paint Australian didjeridoos can be learned by students when they construct their own instruments from cardboard tubes.


Biology – Skin, bone and hooves of animals used in drums & rattles; Natural objects as instruments - Conch shell from the ocean, eucalyptus tree branch for the Australian didjeridoo, etc..

Environmental Studies – Students discover how traditional cultures respect and rely on the natural world around them, and how we in modern society can learn from this to create a more sustainable relationship with the Earth and the Environment.

Geology/Earth Science - Crystals used to make singing bowls, minerals in pigments used to paint didjeridoos, etc.

Language & Literacy – Students are encouraged to speak and write about their reactions to the sounds and about their “dream journeys”

Literature – Myths and folk tales associated with the instruments.  Students’ “dream journey” responses to the music often mimic traditional myths and lore of ancient cultures – Through their own imagination, they discover mythology for themselves…

Physics – Vibration of crystal bowls relating to molecular vibrations of silicon chips in watches and computers; water in Ocean Harp effecting air column length, etc.

Social Studies – Geography, History, customs and religions of various cultures, including Native (North) America, Hawaii, Australia, South America, Africa, Egypt, Japan, China, India, the Middle East, Ireland and Scotland.