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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Behavioral, Developmental/Cognitive,  Autism, Physically Handicapped

Music of the Earth presentations are offered as performances and workshops for all populations of special needs students, and for all ages from toddlers through adult.  World instruments are brought out into the audience for listeners to see and feel up close.  Some of the instruments, such as Australian didjeridoo and Native American drums, produce vibrations which the students can feel in their bodies.  Many of the sounds are soothing and relaxing. The shows are fun, educational, and also very healing.  We find it deeply rewarding to bring these shows to special needs programs – We really love to share the magic of these sounds!

The content of special needs shows is similar to standard programs, but with different presentation and interaction.  For detailed descriptions of instruments, cultures and curriculum areas covered in our Music of the Earth programs, see  below:

Performance Overview        Performance Details

“On March 11th 2016 Brookhaven Learning Center was granted the gift of music from around the world with the "Journeys With Sound" performers.  Our students listened to and felt the vibrations of instruments from around the world. We enjoyed the rumbling sounds of the didgeridoo from Australia and the whistles and flutes of the Native Americans. The singing bowls produced soothing, relaxing sounds while the bagpipes and Irish drums got us all in an Irish state of mind! Darius Kaufmann has performed with Sinead O' Connor and various other famous acts throughout the years and we are grateful that he took the time to share his awesome talent and skill with our school. It was an educational experience for all!!”

                       – Brookhaven Learning Center, Brookhaven, NY

“You brought the music out the THEM – This will stay with them for a long time!”

                       – NJ Elks Developmental Disabilities Agency (NJEDDA)