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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Aztec Wind Whistle (Mexico) – Small clay flute, which mimics the sound of the wind.

Bagpipes (Scotland & Ireland) – The “Great Highland Pipes” .

Bodhran (Ireland) – A round frame drum played with a double-ended stick.

Click Sticks (Australia) – Wooden sticks, providing percussive accompaniment to didjeridoo

Conch Shell (Hawaii) – Large sea shells blown like trumpets.  

Crystal Singing Bowls (United States, Europe) – Quart crystal bowls producing mysterious, hypnotic tones when struck or rubbed with mallets.

Deer-Hoof Rattle  (North American Indian) – Made from hoof, skin and bone of deer.

Didjeridoo (Australia) – A long hollow tube producing deep sounds and animal calls when blown.  Traditionally made from a eucalyptus tree branch hollowed out by insects.  Can also be made from agave cactus trees, bamboo tubes or any long, hollow tube.

Djembe   (West Africa)  –  Goat-skin drum.

Dumbek (Egypt, Iran, the Middle East) – Drum used for “belly-dancing” rhythms.

Eagle Bone Whistle (Native American) – High-pitched whistle, traditionally made from an eagle bone, mimicking the call of a Bald Eagle.  Very sacred to the Native American Indians.

Gong (China, Indonesia)

Irish Whistle (aka “Penny Whistle” or “Tin whistle”) - Small flute.

Kanjira (India) –  Small snake-skin tambourine.

Native American Flutes (North America) - double-chambered flutes made from cedar wood

Native American Frame Drum (North America)

Ney (Middle East, esp. Iran, Egypt, Turkey) – Reed flute played with the teeth or lips

Ocarina (South America) – A small clay flute, imitating bird songs.

Ocean Harp (United States) – Metal bowl filled with water, producing eerie sounds of whales and wolves.

Rainstick (South America, Africa) – Long hollow tube filled with small pebbles, produces the sound of rain when tilted.


Rattles (North America, Africa, Egypt)

Shakuhachi (Japan) –Bamboo flute.

Sistrum  (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ethiopia) – Multi-tiered rattles, including replica of sistrum found in King Tut’s tomb.

Snake Charmer (“Murli”) (India, Pakistan) – Double flute made from a reed, traditionally used to draw a cobra out of a basket so it would “dance”.

Shekere (Africa) – Hollow gourd covered with a net of stones or beads, shaken as a percussion instrument.

Tambourine or “Riq” (Egypt)  - Small frame drum with jangles.

Tibetan Singing Bowls - Brass bowls rubbed with  sticks, producing soft, humming sounds

Tingshas (Tibet) – Metal finger chimes used in meditation

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