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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Journeys With Sound takes audiences on a mesmerizing journey of sound and spirit using instruments and objects from ancient and indigenous cultures around the world. Australian didjeridoos, Native American flutes and drums, Japanese bamboo flute, and Indian snake-charmer merge with crystal singing bowls,  Aztec wind whistle, Hawaiian conch shells, ocean harp, Chinese gongs, Tibetan chimes and drums from Native America, India and the Middle East.  Together we explore the beauty and hypnotic power of ancient vibrational sounds, experiencing how sound relates to the natural world around us and to our bodies, minds and spirits.  And through guided imagery, we embark on traditional shamanic “dream journeys”, sharing our experiences with each other and deepening our knowledge of who we truly are.


Please note:  This program is intended primarily for adults, but can be geared for children and families.  See Meditation with Music for more details.

“We often think of you as we play your music during our Reiki sessions.  It still brings us all into a beautiful state of bliss…Truly you both were everyone's favorite presentation!”

- Long Island Reiki Connection


Truly you both were everyone's favorite presentation.