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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Really fun for ALL AGES!  The audience is taken on a journey of sound and spirit, with exotic instruments from all around the world – Australian Didjeridoo, crystal singing bowls, Indian snake charmer, Ocean Harp, Aztec wind whistle giant drums & Gongs, world flutes & percussion, Irish whistle and more! The instruments and sounds are so unusual, both adults and kids are engaged and mesmerized.  For the finale, the bagpipes are played, and the piper marches down the aisles in a final farewell.

I think what you do and your ability to engage both young children and adults provide an excellent learning experience for everyone.

         - Ilene Baker, Children’s Librarian, Malverne Public Library

“The student and teacher response was overwhelming - The journey you took our school on was amazing!”

-- Robert M. Finley Middle School, Glen Cove, NY

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(Click  here for a complete list of all our Programs.)