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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

“I saw an eagle.  It wasn’t just an ordinary eagle.  It looked kind and its face looked like it was trying to tell me to follow it.  So I did.  When I followed it, it led me to the desert.  There were sand storms everywhere we went but we just passed through them.  Finally, we came to a calm sandy spot with a steep mountain in front of  it.  The eagle because huge and I sat on top if it.  It took me down the mountain and onto another sandy spot where there was a lake.  I was excited because I went on an exciting journey.”

“I  was riding on the back of a whale, and it leaped in the air.”

“I saw a woman rise out of the ocean.  She was holding a snake, and she said ‘I am Athene.  I am Conscience.’ Then she rose out of the water and flew up into the sky.”

“I was by a tree at night.  Stars above me were in the shape of a kangaroo.  Suddenly, the kangaroo bent down and lifted me up into the sky.”

“I went down into the Earth, into a crystal cave.  Wind was blowing through a hollow branch.”

“Birds took me up into the sky to another bird.  I asked “What do you have to teach me?”  He said,  “In your second life you will be a bird.”  I asked “What kind of a bird?”   He said “Ask Great Spirit.”  He dropped me onto the ground.  I went down into the Earth.  Great Spirit was a volcano that lifted me back up into the sky, and said, “You will be a parrot or a butterfly.”  Then I felt myself transform into a butterfly…”

“I saw a sick deer, and a spirit came and told me how to heal it.”