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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:


“Music of the Earth” takes audiences on an  exciting and mysterious interactive journey of sound and spirit, using traditional instruments and objects from around the world.  Students experience the mesmerizing sounds of the Australian didjeridoo, Indian snake-charmer, Native American flutes, Persian ney, Scottish bagpipes, Aztec wind whistle, Hawaiian conch shells, deer-hoof rattles, Chinese gongs, drums from Native America, Africa, India, the Middle East and Ireland…and much, much more!!

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EDUCATIONAL - Science, History, World Cultures & Our Planet

“Through performance, participation and discussion, students learn how music and sound relate to the myths and customs of different cultures and time periods.  They learn how indigenous cultures relate to the Earth and the Environment, and how the instruments are constructed from natural objects and animal parts.  And they experience the Science of musical vibration with some very unusual (and sometimes strange and funny!) instruments like Crystal Singing Bowls and Ocean Harp.  Cultures covered include Native (North) America, Hawaii, Australia, South America, Africa, Egypt, Japan, China, India, the Middle East, Ireland and Scotland.  (Click here for Curriculum Integration.)

INSPIRING CREATIVITY – Music, Art, Language & Literacy

The audience learns how to sing a traditional Native American chant, build an Australian didjeridoo from cardboard tubes which they decorate, and make the wild animal calls of the Australian outback!  Then all go on a “Dream Journey” together – Following in the ways of indigenous cultures, listeners close their eyes and let their imaginations “journey” with the ancient sounds.  Afterwards the audience shares their dreams, which can be very beautiful and detailed.  As classroom follow-up, students write and draw about their experiences.  



Holiday Shows, International Day, Family Night & much more!

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