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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

“In the 35 years I’ve been attending assemblies, this was the best assembly I have ever seen!”

     – Lincoln School, Wyckoff, NJ

 “The children were mesmerized.  I’ve never seen them sit so quietly for so long!”

     – Queens Center for Progress School               Jamaica, NY

 “The United Nations International School emphasizes the values of global citizenship and respecting cultural diversity:  Music of the Earth with its breadth and depth of understanding of global music was a perfect fit.”

    - United Nations International School, NY

“The program easily held the attention of even the youngest audience members - no easy task in today’s world of electronic gadgets!”

   - Bruce Museum of  Arts and Science, CT

“[We wish to express] our extreme joy and pleasure at having your talents at P.S. 54 to enrich all of our lives!”

     – P.S. 54, Staten Island, NY

“Darius’  love and passion for music is so apparent that the children are completely absorbed and talk about him for weeks afterward.”

     – Greenwich Country Day School             Greenwich, CT

“The student and teacher response was overwhelming - The journey you took our school on was amazing!  The quality of the musicianship plus the insightful commentary was outstanding, and the impact on our middle school audience was unbelievable - you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium which has never happened before with the older grades.  Each class was transfixed, and you shared so much with them, musically, historically and spiritually.  It was a very special experience and everyone was truly affected by it.”

     – Robert M. Finley Middle School

        Glen Cove, NY

“Several of my students after your performance started to play their instruments with their eyes closed. This was the first time I had ever seen any of my students try this before.  I asked all of my students to close their eyes and play…I was amazed... They never played so well!  I think they actually played more right notes!  Your performance inspired my students to dive deeper into the music in a way I could not get them to.  Thank you so much!”

     – Holy Cross High School, Flushing, NY

“Thank you for a wonderful and fascinating musical program.  I was not only surprised, but also amazed by the different exotic instruments and the beautiful sounds that came from them.  The audience shared their enthusiasm for the program with me afterwards…The young children loved it!  I think what you do and your ability to engage both young children and adults provide an excellent learning experience for everyone.”

     – Ilene Baker, Children’s Librarian,          Malverne Public Library

“What can I say? I am so unbelievably happy that you came to my library last night.  I am still feeling the energy from it all.  The performance that you and Ron and Tony put on was truly amazing! I have heard so much feedback already from the parents of kids who came to the show. They are all saying that their kids had a wonderful time and could not stop talking about the performance afterwards. I've heard nothing but positive feedback.  I could really go on forever with praise over last night…Thank you once again for bringing such wonderful energy to our library. We would love to have you back sometime in the future!”

– Catherine LaStella, Youth & Family          Services Librarian, Hauppauge Public          Library

“On behalf of the Garden City Public Library, I would like to thank you for your excellent performance.  Your rapport with the kids was great… Thank you again for a fabulous program.  Not only was it entertaining but also very educational.”

     – Laura Hoffman, Young Adult Librarian,         Garden City Public Library

“Mr. Kaufmann and Mr. Pizzi transformed our ordinary gymnasium into a serene and magical place…When the children entered the gym, usually a place of frenetic energy, they knew immediately they were entering into another world.”

“…Enabling the students to see such an unusual instrument and feel the vibrational tones on their hands or stomachs was thrilling for them.”

     – Washington Elementary School         Summit, NJ


“The children were delighted...Darius and Ron’s patience and clear pleasure in the process made [the workshop] a rewarding activity.  The children were free to take risks.  They had a great time and felt accomplished in the end.”

“Later that day, Darius and Ron met with smaller groups of children where they were able to create truly transporting musical experiences with the children.”

     – Ethical Culture Fieldston School         Bronx, NY