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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Really fun and different!  Toddlers and young children are introduced to basic concepts of sound, music and movement with dozens of fascinating objects and instruments from around the world.  They get to feel and play many of the instruments, and learn to make fun sounds for themselves – The sound of wind with their breath and lips; the sound of a rainstorm with their fingers and hands; the sounds of an owl and a wolf with their voice.  Each child gets to play an authentic Native American Drum, and to “squeeze the bag” on miniature Bagpipes.  They learn the difference between high notes and low notes, and how that relates to the size of an instrument.  They feel the vibrations of the Australian Didjeridoo as it is played over their bodies.  And when the Indian Snake-Charmer is played, everyone hisses, sways and wriggles like snakes! For the finale, we all march together with the Bagpipes, and dance with the Irish Whistle.

The instruments used are from traditional world cultures, and made from natural objects – The Hawaiian conch shell; flutes from cedar wood and bamboo; rattles made from deer hoofs and seed pods; Australian Didjeridoo made from tree branches hollowed out by insects; Indian Snake-Charmer made from a hollow gourd; and much much more!  Children get to see and feel the instruments up close, and also experience how the music from these instruments can mimic the sounds of Nature.

Please note that the videos featured on this website show performances for older age groups - Preschool presentations consist of intimate, hands-on workshops.

In addition, all Holiday Programs listed on this site can be geared for preschool.  Please contact us for pricing and details.


“This program is one of our all-time favorites…Darius has an enchanting style that captivates the children…His vast musical skills inspire them to want to get involved…His love of music shines through.”  

- Ridgefield Montessori School, CT

“The 3 and 4 year olds were mesmerized - clapping and bouncing along to the irresistible rhythms of Darius’ instruments, and eagerly joining in.”

        - CLASP Children’s Center, Great Neck, NY

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