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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Together we learn how music of traditional world cultures relates to the Earth, Nature and the Environment.  Exotic instruments from around the world create the sounds of wind, rain, thunder, whale songs, bird calls and more.  Authentic instruments from traditional indigenous cultures are used.  The audience sees, hears and feels tree branches hollowed out by ants and termites, drums and rattles made from the skin, bone and hooves of deer, a giant sea shell trumpet, an African rainstick, and a “snake charmer” that calls the cobra to dance. We explore issues of energy conservation and recycling as it relates to honoring and caring for our Mother Earth, and the audience learns how to make an Australian didjeridoo from recycled cardboard tubes. Everyone learns to sing a traditional Native American “wolf chant” and discovers how to create the wild animal sounds of the Australian didjeridoo for themselves!  

“Mr. Kaufmann and Mr. Pizzi transformed our ordinary gymnasium into a serene and magical place…When the children entered the gym, usually a place of frenetic energy, they knew immediately they were entering into another world.

“Enabling the students to see such unusual instruments and feel the vibrational tones…was thrilling for them.”

                      – Washington Elementary School, Summit, NJ





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