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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Listeners experience the eerie sounds of exotic world instruments in these unique, interactive programs.  The moans of an Ocean Harp (used in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”), the whisper of an Aztec Wind Whistle, the rustle of Deer-Hoof Rattles, the booming of giant drums, the shriek of an Eagle Bone Whistle, the crash of a gong, the haunting tones of crystal singing bowls, and more!  The audience gets to feel the penetrating vibrations of giant deer-skin drums and Australian Didjeridoos over their bodies, and they learn an authentic Native American wolf chant, ending in blood-curdling HOWLS!  They also learn how to make the strange, wild cries of the Australian didjeridoo, and are shown how to construct one for themselves.  And finally, in the tradition of the Ancient Ones, they share their own stories or “journeys” with the eerie sounds, which make wonderful follow-up projects in writing and art.

Together we learn how music of traditional world cultures relates to the Earth, Nature and the Environment.  Exotic instruments create the sounds of wind, rain, thunder, whale songs, bird calls and more.  The audience sees, hear and feel tree branches hollowed out by ants and termites, drums and rattles made from the skin, bone and hooves of deer, a giant sea shell trumpet, an African rainstick, and a “snake charmer” that calls the cobra to dance. We explore issues of energy conservation and recycling as it relates to honoring and caring for our Mother Earth, and the audience learns how to make an Australian didjeridoo from recycled cardboard tubes. Everyone learns to sing a traditional Native American “wolf chant” and discovers how to create the wild animal sounds of the Australian didjeridoo for themselves!  


Listeners are treated to the thrilling sound and spectacle of the bagpipes.  A piper enters in full kilt, marching through the audience to the stage.  Stories are told about the pipes’ history and mythology in Ireland and Scotland, and the different types of traditional bagpipe music and attire are explained and demonstrated.  The audience is then shown how the instrument works, and volunteers get to “squeeze the bag.”  Other traditional Irish instruments are also demonstrated: flute, tin whistle, bodhran (Irish frame drum) and spoons.

Here we honor the native peoples of the Americas by exploring their traditional music and sounds.  Students get a “feel” for these ancient cultures through the sounds of the Eagle Bone Whistle, Deer Hoof Rattle, Wind Whistle, Love Flutes, giant frame drums, bird whistles, ocarinas, and much more.  They learn how these instruments are made from natural materials, and how they relate to the cultures’ myths and customs. Children also gain a sense of appreciation for the importance of the earth in providing food for Harvest time...a deeper meaning for “Thanksgiving”!  Instruments are brought out to the audience, and everyone joins in a traditional Native American chant.


In the dark of December, we gather... With ancient instruments and objects from world cultures - Japanese bamboo flute, Tibetan singing bowls, faerie bells, Irish flute and more - we honor the shortening of the days, and celebrate the return of the light.  Inspired by the magical sounds, listeners create and share stories of the season, and together we sing songs to warm our hearts!  

Our shows are perfect for Multicultural & International Days.  “Music of the Earth” is just that, and a perfect way to celebrate the diversity of our planet and its people!


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