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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Guided by the hypnotic and mysterious sounds of ancient world cultures, listeners embark on inner “dream journeys”.  With eyes closed, following the music and guided meditations, we connect with the quiet and stillness inside ourselves, and then allow our imagination to lead us to places of beauty and wonder.  Listeners have a chance to share their experiences, and can then draw and write about them as follow-up after the program.

Traditional instruments from around the world are used to create the mesmerizing sounds which lead listeners into a meditative state.  Native American flutes, drums and rattles, Aztec wind whistle, clay flutes from South America, Australian didjeridoo, Japanese bamboo flute and Tibetan chimes are played, along with crystal singing bowls, faeirie bells, ocean harp, and much more…

Feedback about the show:

We are often asked “Will the audience sit quietly for that long?”   Here is some of the feedback we have received during 14 years of presenting this program:

“The children were mesmerized.  I’ve never seen them sit so quietly for so long!”

          – Queens Center for Progress School, Jamaica, NY

““Mr. Kaufmann and Mr. Pizzi transformed our ordinary gymnasium into a serene and magical place…When the children entered the gym, usually a place of frenetic energy, they knew immediately they were entering into another world.”

“The impact on our middle school audience was unbelievable - you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium which has never happened before with the older grades.  Each class was transfixed…”

- Robert M. Finley Middle School, Glen Cove, NY

The audience shared their enthusiasm for the program with me afterwards…The young children loved it!  I think what you do and your ability to engage both young children and adults provide an excellent learning experience for everyone.

          - Ilene Baker, Children’s Librarian, Malverne Public Library

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