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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Workshops offer more intimate contact with the instruments, as well as Q&A and discussions of listeners’ experiences and “dream journeys” with the sounds.  Here we have a chance to explore in-depth some of the music, sounds and concepts introduced in the performance programs.  In the smaller group size, interaction is more personal, and children are able to touch and play some of the instruments.  They get to actually feel the vibrations of some of the instruments up close on their bodies (e.g., Australian didjeridoo, Native American drums).

 Workshops are offered either as follow-ups to assembly programs (where certain grades and classes can get more in-depth exposure to the music and concepts), or as full programs in themselves instead of assemblies.  Group sizes can vary from 10 to 50.

“Later that day, Darius and Ron met with smaller groups of children where they were able to create truly transporting musical experiences.”

                  – Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Bronx, NY

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