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“Celebrating World Cultures & Our Planet!”

Journeys With Sound presents:

Now in our 16th season, Journeys With Sound has performed in libraries throughout the tri-state area, including approximately 60 libraries on Long Island.

Our unique, interactive world music programs are perfect for library settings.  Programs can be geared for children (all ages), adults, and family shows.

All the programs listed on our website can be presented in libraries.





Special performances are offered for Holiday themes:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Solistice, St. Patrick’s Day, and Earth Week (April).    


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Our multi-cultural “Music of the Earth” programs fit perfectly with the “Build a Better World” 2017 Summer Reading Program theme.  Emphasis is placed on connections and similarities between cultures and people, and on ways to appreciate Nature and our Planet Earth.  And as part of the show, listeners are inspired by world music to create their own “dream stories” based on world cultures and Nature.

The programs are unique, interactive, really fun, and highly educational.  We travel to five continents, exploring Australian didjeridoos, Native American drums and flutes, Indian snake charmer, crystal singing bowls, Chinese gongs, deer-hoof rattles, Aztec wind whistles, bagpipes and a lot more!  Listeners sing traditional Native American chants and learn to make the wild animal sounds of the Australian didjeridoo. Click here for detailed descriptions.

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